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5 common mistakes made on race day!

When it comes to race day, competitors often forget their training routine and make the following mistakes: Not having breakfast  There are various reasons why people don’t have breakfast on race day for example not allowing time for breakfast or race day nerves...

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Fastest way to the finish line!

The majority of competitors doing adventure races want to get to the finish line as fast as they can.
Here are our top tips to save time on the routes.

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Benefits of yoga for adventure racers

Integrating yoga into a training program for an adventure race can help lessen injury by gaining strength and flexibility. In addition, yoga aids the recovery of tired muscles and will ready your body for your next race. Increase core strength A strong core provides...

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Tips to aid recovery after an event

It is critical to take sufficient time to recover after a race to avoid injury. It varies from person to person how much recovery time or rest days one needs. Seasoned adventure racers can usually bounce back after a day or two. A rest day doesn’t necessarily mean no...

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