Eric Wolfe is a triathlete turned adventure racer, he is pretty much surrounded by adventure racing, being a member of an athletics club, training on his turbo while at home and immersed in sibling rivalry with an adventure racing-family. Here’s his story…

I was doing triathlons for 10 years and just randomly decided to try an adventure race and found that I loved it. The camaraderie and the locations in which we race in Ireland are fantastic. I combined triathlon and adventure racing for a couple of years before then focusing on just adventure racing. Having 3 children and running a busy physiotherapy practice has led to a tightening of the hours that I am able to train.

I train 5 days a week. I am a member of Togher Athletics Club and do an interval session on the track with them weekly and a long run at the weekends. It’s great being part of a club because it gives you motivation and there’s a bit of competition which helps to push you on. My wife works weekends so the majority of my cycling is done on a turbo trainer in the garage.
My brother, sister and two brother-in-laws all compete in Quest events too, so there’s some sibling rivalry there which is also a good motivating factor. The bragging rights used to be mine initially, but I appear to be losing the battle in recent races!

The main reason I adventure race though is for fitness, the competition is secondary to that. With adventure racing, nothing beats getting out on the bike or running the trails. Really anyone can do an adventure race, they just need to do a little training when starting out. My advice to anyone starting is to try and work on their aerobic fitness as often as they can (20 minutes squeezed in is better than nothing). Another really good idea is to do a run straight after a bike, to mimic the actual event and get used to that ‘jelly-legs’ feeling of switching between these disciplines.

I love Quest Killarney October, it’s the top race of the year. You know when you’ve done it as you’re truly wrecked after it for a few days. The scenery is amazing, when you’re making your way from the lakes up to Mangerton and you look around it’s just spectacular. Besides getting the training and nutrition right, I love my Garmin and I have a lucky old tri-vest top I always wear, it’s getting a bit worn now but it’s worked for me so far.

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