What is Adventure Racing?

Quest Adventure races are one day, multi-sport events, undertaken by individuals. The disciplines covered are running, cycling and kayaking. Most of our events have 3 routes, broken down as ‘Mini’, ‘Sport’ and ‘Expert’.  These increase in distance and difficulty and many people who start with a ‘Mini’ will find themselves wanting to progress to ‘Sport’ and so on.
Here’s some more information about our events;

  • Anyone can do an adventure race, if you can run a 10k you can certainly do one
  • You don’t need a kayak, we provide this
  • You don’t need a special mountain bike; a road bike is good as all the routes are on sealed roads
  • You don’t need to read a map or compass on the event
  • It’s not a triathlon, you don’t need loads of expensive gadgets or to shave your legs!
  • As the kayak is only 1km, most people who do our events say it’s the most fun part
  • You’re on a double sit-on kayak so you’ll share the effort with someone else and it’s usually it’s over in a flash – just about enough time to soak in the amazing scenery that surrounds the lakes we run our events on.


Lot of people look for reasons not to do something but we believe there are many reasons to try adventure racing, including;

  • Epic locations – we have very high standards for where we run our events which will including striking scenery and challenging routes
  • It’s fun – believe it or not, you will get a massive buzz from completing these events
  • The afterparty – our finish lines are like no other, once you get your massage, had your dip in the hot tub, had some food you can choose to chill or party on
  • Personal challenge – many people have done a cycle or a running event, adventure racing offers a different sense of satisfaction, you may have a stronger discipline and this can make it all the more interesting
  • Health/lifestyle – in choosing to exercise and train you are making a conscious positive decision in relation to your health and lifestyle, by having a goal to aim for you are more likely to stay disciplined in your training
  • Meet other likeminded people – our events bring people from all over Ireland and internationally, we’ve even had some couples emerge from our events, watch this space for the first Quest wedding!

What we do

Our promise to you is that we’ll bring you on a journey. We’ll find the most epic environments in the world, and create the most demanding, scenic race routes across them. We’ll take you to the edges of your physical ability. We’ll take you on an adventure.

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