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Mistakes happen and we always think that the best way to deal with them is to have a good old laugh about them! And there are few more entertaining mistakes than those we have witnessed (/made ourselves) during the course of an adventure race. How many have you seen or are guilty of?! 

1.Helmet head
One of the most common things we have seen on an adventure race is the number of people jogging off on the run section with their helmet still firmly on their heads. It’s easily done but never fails to give us a chuckle when we see them bopping along the trail!

2. Clipless fail
Transition is always a welcome sight. After all you have another chunk of the race in the can and a new discipline to look forward to. There is also the small matter of thinking through exactly what you need to do at transition. Shoe change, TAKE OFF HELMET, eat, grab the backpack, etc. In all the excitement it is very easy to forget the fact you are clipped in as a race marshal is instructs you to dismount on the way into the transition area. You really don’t want to be seen crashing into barriers because you forgot to unclip!  Lean against a wall at home and practice clipping in and out before the big day.

3. Photo finish
One of the most epic adventure race fails we’ve ever witnessed was when we were coming up to a photographer at the top of a climb. The person in front decided it was his moment to shine. He lifted his arms from the handlebars of his bike and thrust them in the air. It was all going fantastically well as the photographer snapped away. However, his feeling of victory was short-lived as suddenly his bike began to wobble, he lost control and next thing he was lying in a heap in the ditch. We know it’s cruel but the photos were a howl and he came away with nothing but a slightly bruised ego!

4. Fully submerged
Again, we know it’s a little cruel for taking pleasure from other people’s misfortune but it is hard not to let out a giggle when you see someone lose balance as they try to get into the kayak. The enthusiasm to get going as quickly as possible coupled with a kayaking partner they have just met means that even the best of us can lose our footing as we attempt to hop into the kayak as gracefully as possible. We have to admit it’s not quite as fun for the other person involved, especially on a cold day!

5. Shortcut becomes ‘longcut’
There is always at least one smart Alec who decides it’s a great idea to take a shortcut along the course. More often than not the shortcut comes in the form of the descent off a mountain, veering off the trail and down the most direct route possible. It seems like a great idea until you get your leg stuck in a bog hole and end up shoeless, having to crawl your way down the rest of the mountain!

How many have you made?