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1. Anyone can take this on…

It’s not just the grizzly hardened-adventurers that take part in these races. People of all levels of fitness participate, as Quest Adventure Series has different routes, distances and disciplines to suit everyone. We sometimes advise if you can run a 10k, you can do an adventure race. Plus, we have great ‘Couch to Quest’ training plans for anyone setting out on their first adventure race training.

2. Location, location, location

The Quest Adventure Series events take place in remote and iconic locations including Snowdonia National Park in Wales, Killarney, Glendalough, Kenmare and Achill.  Competitors can embrace the unspoiled beauty and breathtaking scenery of the mountains, valleys and lakes of this inspirational locations.

3.A Weekend Away with the gang

Adventure Races are a great excuse to plan an exciting weekend away with friends and like-minded people. You can push yourself to finish the race, gain a personal best or indeed compete against your friends and others. Then you can relax and enjoy the after party, finish line, food and banter.

4.The friendly atmosphere

Adventure races differ from any other type of race event. Many say it is not as competitive as a triathlon or road race. Competitors can enjoy kayaking, cycling and running at their own pace. These events are noted for their friendly, fun and supportive atmosphere. If you get into any problems and need a little hand, there will be plenty of people who will stop to help you out.

5.It is a HUGE achievement

For many people who do adventure races its more about challenging themselves and finishing the race rather than speed. It can take between 2-8 hours to complete an adventure race. There is a huge sense of achievement when you cross the line soaking wet, covered in dirt and adrenaline pumping through your body.

Be part of Quest Adventure Series and make an adventure race your goal for 2018.

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