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  1. Anyone can do it!

In every race we create different routes to suit different fitness levels. For example, in Quest Wales we will run the following; Challenge 23km, Sport 38km and Expert 50km. All routes entail a mix of running, cycling and kayaking. If you are relatively fit then the Challenge route is a great place to start, before you know it you’ll be graduating to the Sport.

2. Kayaking really is fun!

The kayak element of each race is relatively short and most participants report back that it’s the most ‘fun’ part. We provide the kayak and you simply jump aboard and enjoy the cruise.

  1. Its quite the party!

Part of the Quest Series is about simply about having fun. That’s why we aim to create a finish line with a party atmosphere. You’ll find fun, family, friends, food and drink as well as plenty of other Quest participants ready to celebrate their great personal achievement.

  1. You get a cool t-shirt and medal to go with the huge sense of pride and awesomeness you feel after completing the race!

You will get a cool Quest-branded training top and unique event finisher medal at the finish. As for how you will feel when you cross the line, well, that’s difficult to explain, but let’s just say it’s not to be missed and you definitely won’t regret it.

  1. You’ll be hooked!

Whatever your fitness level once you do a Quest race you’ll want more, whether your graduating through the route lengths or beating your PB your next challenge is always knocking at your door.

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