Getting ready for your first adventure race? Good stuff – now here’s some advice you might find useful in preparing yourself…

1. Be informed
Know wants involved in the race and review route maps. Ensure you know your wave time and start location. This information can be found on our website.

2. Food plan
It’s important to have tried and tested a food plan during training. Start with a health breakfast such as porridge and fruit. Never try unfamiliar food or gels on race day. The last think you want is an upset tummy on the side of a mountain. Always keep hydrated during race.

3. Know your gear
Never try out new gear on race day as it may cause discomfort, blisters and chafing. Be familiar with mandatory kit.

4. Run stage
The run stages are on uneven terrain, when training practice some off road running. If you’re not a runner its ok to walk the run stage, you won’t be the only one.

5. Cycle Stage
Include some hills into your cycle training plan. Be comfortable with your bike and know how to fix a flat tyre. If the hills are getting too much for you get off and push your bike. You will save energy by doing this.

6. Kayak Stage
Don’t get too hung up on the kayak stage as it’s the shortest part of the race. We provide the double sit on kayak with all the safe equipment. Try to get some kayak training before the race. If you can’t don’t worry check out our simple kayaking tips blog.

7. Pace yourself
Regardless of how fit you are when doing your first adventure race it important to pace yourself. Adventure races are all about endurance more than speed. Focus on finishing the race and having fun rather than time.

8. Party on
Once you’ve crossed the finish line you can bask in that warm glow of achievement. Enjoy the after-party with your fellow adventure racers while your body takes a well-deserved break!

We have four Irish based events each year with another event in Wales. Find out more about them here.