After all the parties, eating and drinking over the Christmas holidays it can be hard to shake of the January Blue.
Here are our simple steps to beat the January Blues:

  1. Exercise
    Often our exercise routine goes out the window over the holidays. Return to the gym as soon as possible. Remember to ease yourself back in and avoid doing do much too fast.
  2. Food Choice
    Choose foods that are digested slowly and releasing energy at a steady pace for example whole grain bread, oats and most vegetables. This can help improve your mood and energy levels.
  3. Catch up on Sleep
    Over the holidays the body is out of its regular sleeping routine with lots of late nights. Catching up on sleeping is also important because it gives your body a chance to rebuild from the stressful gift shopping and the holiday parties.
  4. Set Goals for 2016
    Set realistic and achievable goals. Decide what you want to achieve for 2016 and write it down. For example participate in your first adventure race or improve your race performance.
  5. Plan a Trip
    Book an activity full weekend. This will keep you focused on training and looking forward to a weekend away with friends.