What bike should I use?

The bike type is a personal choice.
For the 55km route a hybrid or a road bike with Gator Skin tyres would be most suitable. These tyres have a ticker instep and reduce the risk of punctures.
The road bike will be fastest on the road but you need to be cautious on gravely track. Avoid using carbon wheels and carbon bikes.
On 33km route a road bike is most suitable. Caution is required on the 50m gravel track near Torc Waterfall.

What happens if I get a puncture?

A spare tube and bike pump is part of the mandatory kit list. If  you get a puncture you should be able to change the tube in your bike. See our video on how change a tube >>>

What type of cycling shoes / pedals should I use?

The top Elite guys will not use cycling shoes. They will use trail runners in toe clips / cages / strap type pedals. on the 55km route you have to dismount 2 times on the 4K gravel track and possibly dismount on the steep short hill section so clip, in cycle shoes / cleat shoes might be a disadvantage.

Is the Road Closed to Cars?

No the road is not closed. Competitors must obey rules of the road. Other road users will be made aware of the event and will drive with caution. Care must be taken in the downhill section past the Black Valley Church and hostel. Please take notice of signs and our marshals with red flags and whistles.

What type of surface is the cycle track?

On the 55km road there is a 4km gravel track. The heavy rain over winter has created a few groves in the track. Care and attention must be given when cycling this track. There are a few short steep hills that you might have to get off the bike and walk.

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