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What bike should I use?

The bike type is a personal choice. The top elite competitors will be using a road bike with Gatorskin tyres. These tyres have a thicker instep and reduces to risk of punctures.

Other competitors will use a hybrid bike with Gatorskin tyres.  People can also use a mountain bike  but will be 30% slower on the road.

The road bike will be fastest on the road but you need to be cautious of gravely patches on road.

On the Pro 60km and Expert 70km route the majority of competitors use road bike or hybrid. On the sport route all bikes are suitable.


What type of pedals should I use?cage

We recommend using trail runners in toe clips / cages / strap type pedals (see picture)

If you use cycle shoes you will need to bring your trail runner with you on the bike stage. If you just use trail runners you will be quicker in the transition areas.


What is the road surface like?

The majority of the surface is a sealed tarmac road, however along sections in the Black Valley, there is loose gravel and potholes. Care and attention must be given when cycling this section as it is very steep and has hair pin bends. There is a short 100m gravel track coming into Torc transition

Is the Road Closed to Cars?Killarney Adventure Race69

 No the road is not closed. Competitors must obey rules of the road. Other road users will be made aware of the event and will drive with caution. Care must be take in the down hill section past the Black Valley Church and hostel. Please take notice of signs and our marshals with red flags and whistles.