Avoid the following training mistakes to ensure you arrive to your next Quest adventure race fighting fit:

Overtraining– many newcomers to adventure racing don’t know what to expect on race day and over train. This often leads to injuries. Ensure your training plan has adequate rest and recovery time. Listen to your body when it’s tired and stiff.

Not Stretching. It can be hard to stay motivated to do a stretching routine after a tough training session. Spending 10-15mins stretching after exercise can help loosen tight muscles and improve range of motion. Foam rolling is a great way to massage tight a sore muscles.

Wearing the wrong gear.
Never use new gear such as runners, t-shirts for the first time on race day as it may cause blisters, chafing and discomfort. Avoid wearing cotton and invest in a good pair of trail runners.

No food plan.
Many athletes don’t follow a food plan during training. Always try the gels or food you will use on race day to see what works for you. Fuel up early in the race before you hit the wall.

No Cross-training
Don’t be fooled into thinking all your training must involve cycling and running. Introducing cross training such as swimming, yoga or strength training can help balance your body by training other muscle groups which reduces risk of injury.

Training up to race day
Remember you should reduce the intensity and volume of training at least 2 weeks before race day. Nothing you do in the 2 weeks before the race will increase your fitness.


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