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Cut-offs are set to make events challenging and to allow all participants to complete the event in the allotted time. Some participants compete to win, some compete to finish. Some aspire to finish in the allotted time, others to see just how far they can push themselves. However you plan to do Quest 12 Beara, we hope these cut-off details and estimated average stage times help your race planning.

All participants who finish the event will receive a customised finishers medal and Quest 12 Beara branded  jersey.

Cut-off Details

There will be one cut off on the Quest 12 Beara route, this will be at T2 at Garnish Pier. This cut-off will be strictly enforced, to ensure the majority of participants get to complete the rest of the event.

Cut off is at 14:00. If you do not arrive to T2 by this time you will not be allowed to begin the Stage 3 run on Crow Head. Instead, you will be advised to begin Stage 4, the cycle to T1.

You will still be allowed to complete all other Stages of the route, but your time will be classified as non-competitive.

The PDF below gives a breakdown of the average times and cut-off for this event. Please be advised to be used as a guide only.  

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