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The majority of competitors doing adventure races want to get to the finish line as fast as they can.

Here are our top tips to save time on the routes.

  1. Practice running down hill: Lots of time can be gained on the trail run. Remember it’s ok to walk the steep sections of the trail runs, nothing worse than trying to run uphill when your calves are ready to pop. Save energy for the run back down the hill.
  2. Fuel up early in the race: Taking on fluids early in the race gives you the energy to push on late into the race. Don’t wait till the body starts to cramp up before you take on water and food.
  3. Cycle Shoes: Avoid wearing cleats and cycle shoes. Use standard pedals with a cage on your bike. Otherwise, you will be changing your shoes and will have to carry runners in your backpack.
  4. Kayak lessons: Although the kayak is a very small part of the race, knowing the basic kayak strokes is very beneficial. Come to one of our kayak training sessions to brush up on your skills.
  5. Know the route: Research the race day routes, see what the height gain is, look at pictures from previous years to check out the terrain, check out results from the previous year to see what was the average time to complete the race.