First off my name is Gerard Burke and I was a contestant on The Biggest Loser UK back in 2012. For most of my life I was a negative person. One little quote was massively effecting my life, “I can’t do it”.

I ate all the wrong types of foods and exercise was not even a thought in my head. As years went by, my clock was ticking, finally realizing the negative effects my lifestyle was having on my life. Enough was enough, it was time to get

I slowing started to fall in love with a certain something, Running. But for me this was hard because I was still morbidly obese and weighed 328lbs (23stone 6lbs). That’s when interval training came into play. Slowly I saw myself picking up my pace and before I knew, I was running in my very first event (5mile). I wore my race number with pride that day and even though I came second last, under blood sweat and tears I was smiling and so proud of myself.

Fast forward twelve months and I running in several events. I managed to break sub 50 10k barrier and losing 160lbs+. Which was overwhelming to think how far I have come.

2016 is a new year and a new set of challenges. Its time to challenge myself and sign up for my first Quest Killarney Adventure Race. I’m far from being that negative guy, sitting on his couch watching his life pass by. I am a qualified gym instructor and furthering my education to become a personal trainer.

Training for Quest Killarney is quite fun because only up until a month ago, I have never cycled a road bike. I’m quite excited for race day to put all my hard work into practice.

A negative mind will never give you a positive life!

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