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We have a guest blog from Kayathalon king, Greg Dillon this week, he has been kind enough to take time to share some pearls of wisdom with us.

Having blogged for some time now about Adventure Racing, the awesome guys from Quest approached me to do a follow up on their Kayaking for Beginners blog. I read through it and to be honest, it pretty much covers everything you need to know, from a technical standpoint, to get you out kayaking. So instead of going to the next level, I think I will use this opportunity to go in a slightly different direction.

More times than not, when I describe what Adventure racing (AR) is and the differences between it and triathlons, the first thing that will be said is…sure I can hardly swim, never mind kayak…or sure I have never kayaked before or I don’t own a kayak.

Well let me break these usual retorts down.

You do not need to know how to swim to kayak. That is the very beauty of it. I have been AR racing for some time now and out of the 50K+ plus competitors I have seen, I can honestly count on one hand, the amount people who fell into the water. These Kayaks are specially designed to keep you afloat. And by the off chance you do fall in, you are wearing a life jacket that could keep an elephant afloat.

OK, let’s face it though, the Irish water is damn cold and the thoughts of falling into it is, well frankly off putting. But usually by the time you are at the kayak stage, your core body temperature will be well above normal and the thoughts of a nice cool dip, will actually become more appealing.

Kayaking is an incredibly easy sport to pick up. 20 seconds in and you will be motoring. And all kayaking equipment is supplied by Quest. So, you are sorted!

If you ask, and you should, anyone who has ever done an AR, they will most likely say the Kayak stage is their favourite. It is great craic and besides it gives your legs a well earning rest.

Also, what should be noted is that despite the frantic splashing at the transition, there is an amazing calmness and serenity on the water once you get going. The lakes and waterways that are used are breath-taking, from the Lakes of Killarney to Glendalough…You will have to travel far and wide to top those views.

So, get going. Get kayaking…I guarantee you will LOVE IT!

Greg from

Next chance to get kayaking with Quest is Quest Achill on 9th September and Quest Killarney on 7th October.