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John Phelan a Chartered Physiotherapist will be at the Quest Killarney expo on Friday 30th of September. He will talk about how to

“Improve your Cycling Efficiency and Resistance to Injury”


The 20-30min presentation will include:

  • Optimum Posture on the Bike  (demonstration)
  • Prompts for Efficient Cycling Technique
  • Home Exercises specific to Cycling
  • Questions and Answers


Presentation times:  5pm, 7pm and 8.30pm at The BikeFit Physio stand.

About John Phelan


I’m a keen cyclist and physiotherapist working in the Cork area.  I’ve been cycling from a young age, but began competing in both road and mountain bike events with the past five years.  Having worked in physio for the past eight years, and staying up-to-date with my nutritional knowledge, I am in a position to offer a comprehensive physio-led bike fitting and injury rehabilitation service.

Check out my facebook page for regular blogs, helpful videos on cycling injuries and to read some reviews from previous clients.

My qualifications and a little bit about myself:

–          MSc Physiotherapy

–          BSc Nutritional Science

–          Physio Bike Fit Course

–          Dry needling and kinesio taping

John Phelan  MISCP  Chartered Physiotherapist


FB: #thebikefitphysio