Kathryn Thomas, our Quest Adventure Series ambassador, first appeared on our TV screens aged 19 on No Frontiers. Since then she’s gone on to present huge TV shows like Operation Transformation and The Voice of Ireland. She’s synonymous with style and glamour – and yet this Carlow girl likes nothing more than to get outdoors and mucky. Last year Kathryn set up her own company Pure Results Bootcamp – which sees participants kick start a healthy lifestyle with outdoor activity. Kathryn, together with some of her bootcamp graduates, also signed up to take part in this year’s Quest Killarney on 1st of October. Read below Kathryn’s interview by Roisin Finlay from the Outsider Magazine.

OM: Which Quest race will you be doing?

KT: I’m doing Quest Killarney in October. There are five distances you can choose from and I’m doing the 50km one.

We’re getting some of our Pure Results bootcamp clients to sign up for it too. There’s a great choice of distances for them to do – from 27km right up to 70km so that’s very appealing. It should be great fun.

OM: Have you taken part in an event like this before?

KT: I did a multi-sport race two years ago. I absolutely loved it. You’re pushing yourself out of your own comfort zone without there being huge competition, which is great. And the social aspect is brilliant as well. Events like Quest are great craic.

Having different disciplines is fantastic too because it opens it up to everyone. It’s not just for elite athletes. At the end of the day, having so many people of so many standards take the intimidation out of it. It’s very inclusive.

OM: Which elements of Quest Killarney are you most looking forward to?

KT: The cycle, even though I’m kind of dreading it too. It includes some tough climbs to get over the Gap of Dunloe, the Black Valley and Moll’s Gap. I’m not much of a cyclist. I’ve a fairly new bike that my boyfriend Padraig gave me. During the winter I used it on a turbo trainer. I watched the whole of House of Cards while I was training on it!

I’m more of a runner and I particularly love trail running. I find it more interesting than road running.

Kayaking is the part that I’d have the least experience with. I’ve done it plenty of times on holidays but I’m no pro. But I’ve good upper body strength. So I’m not worried about that part.

OM: Will you be competitive on the day?

KT: I’m competitive with myself but I don’t have a time in mind. I should probably start thinking about one! But I certainly want to enjoy it and I don’t think I’ll put pressure on myself. I’ll be doing it for the fun rather than clocking a good time.

OM: How do you find the contrast between the glamour of TV and taking part in an event like Quest?

KT: I love my fashion and over the last few years on TV it’s been great working with different stylists. But really, I’m so much more at home in a tracky and runners. And I also just love being outside.

When I’m taking part in an outdoorsy event, I give it 120%. I think If l arrived with a face full of make-up I’d look even more odd. But Irish people take you as you are. Once you have a passion for the event, and you’re participating, people just take you for who you are.

It’s sort of the same with my clients at bootcamp. At the start they’re a bit surprised that I’m even there and getting the shopping, organising the towels, doing all the classes and getting out on the hikes with them.

OM: Tell me about your fitness regime.

KT: I’m relatively fit. I work out with a personal trainer called Siobhan in Bodyburn Fitness. I try to get there two or three times a week. And I have two dogs Peter and Poppy. They’re walked twice a day. I start, now, slowly in the morning with a walk and a stretch. Then I’ll visit Siobhan and then I’ll do a 10km run with the dogs in the evening. I wouldn’t do that every day. I get a lot done on Monday as it’s a day off.

OM: What top tips would you give someone signing up to Quest Killarney?

KT: Get support! Buddy up with your sister, your partner or a friend. Don’t be intimidated by partnering up with someone that’s fitter than you because all that will do is drive you and help you in a positive way. Pick your distance and start training early. And get outside and enjoy your outdoor training throughout the summer. Increase your miles over the course over the coming months and get out on your bike as much as possible. And just enjoy it! 0


To sign up to Quest Killarney on 1 October along with Kathryn ‘s gang from bootcamp, visit: www.questkillarney.com

For more information on Pure Results Bootcamp, visit: www.pureresultsbootcamp.com