The much anticipated ‘King of the Steps’ and King of the Gap’ are back again in 2016.

We have devised a competition to help you with your training for the Quest Killarney Adventure Race. We want to find out who are the fastest man and woman up the ‘Cardiac Steps’ and up the Gap of Dunloe, to be crowned King and Queen of the Steps and King and Queen of the Gap.

The fastest times will win the much coveted trophies and prizes from our sponsors. The winners will be announced on Twitter in on Friday the 30th of September. The prize giving takes place at the overall prize giving on Saturday the 1st of October at 8.00pm in the Gleneagle Hotel.
The winner will be chosen from data logged on the ‘ Quest Killarney’ club on Strava. Data must be logged form 25th August to 30th of September.

How it works…
1. Download the Strava App on your smartphone.
2. Sign up to create an account.
3. Go to the start points: Steps: bottom of the steps at the sign. Gap: Kate Kearneys Cottage.
4. Open Strava App and press record.
5. Go as fast as you can!
6. When you get to the finish point: Steps: on the last step, Gap: Top of the gap of Dunloe, Strava will automatically record and save your time.
7. When you get home, log onto on your computer (Not the App).

  • Click “Explore”
  • Click “Clubs”
  • Search “Quest Killarney ” in the search bar.
  • Click activity type “All”.
  • Click “Search”
  • Click “Join” to join the club
  • Click “Dashboard” and click into your cycle
  • Click on the “Quest Killarney King of the Gap” segment at the bottom of the page
  • View your position on the “Quest Killarney ” leader board on the left hand side of the page

8. Note:You must join the Quest Killarney Club to enter the competition and be registered for the Quest Killarney Adventure Race on the 1st October to be eligible to win a prize.
9. Compare your time to others and see what time you have to beat for your next attempt.
10. Share your Run on Facebook and Twitter to show your friends