Lisa Tancred is a native of Killarney who lives in Limerick, she’s been doing adventure races since 2015, starting with the ‘Mini’ and progressing to ‘Sport’.

Some of my friends were involved in Quest and I thought I’d give it a go. I’ve always been into keeping fit but usually I’d do a class or run.  It was a little daunting at first. I think when you’re doing a multi-discipline sport, you’re always going to have some trepidation as you’ll vary in performance for each of the disciplines. I hadn’t kayaked for a long time when I signed up to do the ‘Mini’ in Quest Killarney a couple of years ago.  Similarly, I had some reservations about the cycle, running would be my strong suit. Nothing ventured nothing gained though, so I upped my normal exercise regime with the ultimate aim of doing the ‘Mini’ route at Quest Killarney.

I think with a lot of people, the first time you do any long-distance event your main aim is to cross the line, so I didn’t have times in mind or anything like that.  I did do the ‘cardiac steps’, which is on the route, a couple of times before the event too and that made a great difference I think. It’s one of the most challenging elements of the race, so I would recommend even doing just a little hill training in advance.

The event went really well, the course is awesome and it’s hard to beat the views in Killarney. I’ve done two more since in Achill and Killarney again – graduating to the ‘Sport’ distance last March. It’s tougher but totally achievable from a relative level of fitness – which I was at when I did my first Quest. I’d tell anyone who enjoys doing events and challenging themselves to sign up, it’s a great buzz and if I’m honest I think it’s more fun than a run on your own. Just don’t burn yourself out over-training or overdoing it on the day – be prepared and you’ll be totally fine, it would be a shame to miss the after-party afterall!


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