We are constantly looking at ways to build on and improve our events.  For Quest Killarney October, this year we will be making some changes with the intention of creating an even better event. We have also made these decisions to help address a number of logistical challenges we have. We are really fortunate to be able to use parts of the national park and private land as we do, and sometimes we need to make changes to ensure we are responding to our local stakeholders – to help protect the park and prepare for many more years of Quest events.

The changes for Quest Killarney October include;

  • The ‘Expert’, ‘Pro’, ‘Sport’ and ‘Duathlon’ routes will be extended with a 13km cycle at the start, there is no change to the ‘Mini’ route
  • The ‘Expert’, ‘Pro’, ‘Sport’ and ‘Duathlon’ routes will leave from the Gleaneagle Hotel (no bus to start line) and cycle to Kate Kearney’s in their first stage
  • No bike-racking in Kate Kearney’s required the night before
  • The ‘Sport’ route will take a different route on their cycle via Lord Brandon’s and the Kerry Way Cycle (similar to Quest Killarney March) – overall this won’t make a difference to the distance of the course on last year
  • We’re working with the Gleneagle Hotel to extend our Saturday afternoon shenanigans to incorporate more entertainment, fun competitions for everyone to get involved in and more merriment.

Here is a detailed breakdown of the changes:


We understand that these changes may be very welcome but equally, they may present a challenge for others. We have configured our registration system so those who have registered already can now log on and change routes and waves to ensure they are starting where they want to be. We want to ensure all our participants have the best possible experience, so please get in touch with any questions and we will do our best to help you.

Here are links to route descriptions and distances: