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It’s not uncommon to get 4 seasons in one day, so it’s important to be prepared and have the right gear. Every competitor taking part in a Quest Adventure Race must bring this mandatory kit and carry it at all times from start to finish.

Mandatory Kit List

  • Basic First Aid Kit (Min: 1 x dressing pad (field dressing), bandage, plasters.
  • Hat or buff, gloves and waterproof jacket (sleeveless jacket is not acceptable).
  • Survival foil sheet and whistle.
  • Suitable footwear (trail runners are recommended).
  • Appropriate food and drink.
  • Map of the route (included in your race pack).
  • Cycle helmet, bike repair kit, spare tube, and pump. (can be left on bike during run section).
  • Backpack or bum bag (unless carried on person).

Why do you need a mandatory kit?
This is an adventure race. There will not be marshals around every corner and if you have an accident such as a twisted ankle, it might take a while for medical assistance to reach you. To avoid getting cold or even hypodermic while you wait it’s critical to have your mandatory kit.
All kits will be checked on the morning of the race.

If you do not have the mandatory kit you will not be allowed race.

Medical mandatory kits will be available to buy at registration for €10.