Training day schedule, Monday 18th March 2019

: 8am Sneem Hotel

Gear bags: Leave your bags with us and we will have them for you at the different transition areas along the route of the training day.

Cycle: Sneem to Caherdainel, 21km distance @ 21-24K/H, expected time 1 hour

Transition: Your bag will be at Caherdaniel so that you can change into running gear. The bikes & bags will also be looked-after while you go on the trail run.

Trail Run: 14km on the Kerry Way covering some of the Quest 12 & 24 trail run routes. Expected duration 1.30 – 2.00 Hours. Depending on the group training we will have a faster group and a medium pace group.

Cycle: Caherdainel to Waterville 14K distance @ 21-24K/H expected time 45mins.

Transition: Your bag will be in Waterville so that you can refuel before our last cycle. At this transition we will be showing you where the kayak takes place and the in / out of the transition on the day of the race.

Cycle: Waterville to Sneem 35km distance @ 21-24K/H expected time 1.45mins

Finish: We will finish the day back where we started in the Sneem hotel. Your bag will be here. We will also do a short 2km run around the Hotel to show you all the finish process and the end of the last trail run. Hot showers are available at the hotel. There is hot food served in the hotel bar if you wish to avail of it.

Total distance to cover on training day:

70km (3 x cycles, 21km +14km +35km)

Run: 16km (2x runs, 14km + 2km)


There will be 2 groups on both the trail runs and the cycles, a faster group and a medium paced group. This will be depend on the pace people want to go on the day.

Total time: Total estimated time for the day is 6-7 hours depending on pace, time in transitions and stops.

Food and water: Make sure to have sufficient food and water to fuel the body for 6-7 hours exercise. Depending on your size, gender and fitness you could burn 4,000 calories over the full training day. Last year on our training days people underestimated how much fuel they would need to train for this long. We will be bringing your bag to the different transitions on the training day so stock up.

Gear required for the day:

: Cycle helmet, 2 spare tubes, tyre levers, fully working bike, rear bike light

Run: Trail runners recommended.

Stay warm: March can be cold especially on the exposed Atlantic coast. Bring spare socks x 3, hats, gloves, buff, spare jacket and base layers. Cozy clothes to change into after you are finished. Driving home in cold clothes is not ideal.

Please note the training day schedule is subject to change and is weather-dependant.

Quest 12/24 Training sign-up form

Kayak Training: A 2-hour kayak training session can be provided in Killarney during the year if you can get a group of more than 6 together. Noel O’Leary from Irish Adventures will provide this for you. Cost €35 to be paid on the day directly to Irish Adventures 087-4190318.

Why avail of this FREE training day?
This is a great opportunity to get a fully supported 6-7-hour training session done on some of the terrain of the Quest 12/24. It will kick start your training for Quest 12/24 and it’s free. It is open to all registered and non-registered participants who are thinking of signing-up. You will get tips and advice from people who have done the race before and who know the routes.

If you are on the fence about doing Quest 12/24 this will be a great day out for you to dip your toe and see what you think before the registration cut-off in April.