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What to put in the transition boxes for Quest 24?

Quest 12/24 is an unsupported race which essentially means you have to be self-sufficient across the entire course. No support vehicles, no people waiting to fill up your bottle at the top of a mountain pass – the whole premise of the race is getting around on your own!

You are however, allowed to give us 3 transition boxes on Friday night at registration in the Sneem hotel. We will give you stickers with your name and race numbers for each of these boxes. You put the stickers on the boxes and put them in our vans and we transport them to each of the transitions. They will be then waiting for you at each of the transitions and when you are finished with them we will bring them back to the finish line in the Sneem Hotel. Each box is limited to 35 litres in size. Each box must have a lid, no cardboard boxes allowed, must be plastic.

Below are the details of each transition and suggested contents of each box, however, what you choose to bring is completely at your discretion once you are prepared.

Quest 24

Transition 1 (T1): Base of Carrauntoohill

Type: Bike to mountain run and mountain run to bike

Suggested contents of box;

  1. Trail runners (if you have been wearing cycling shoes for stage 1 cycle)
  2. A hydration vest or some form or a carrier to bring some water on Carrauntoohil (your own choice)
  3. A rain jacket for the mountain
  4. A neck buff or hat…it’s a mountain and will be maybe 10° colder at the top
  5. If it has been raining on the cycle maybe a change of top or change of socks – again your own choice
  6. 2 fresh water bottles for the second cycle – or you can refill the stage 1 bottles here…I always like to have 2 prepared for second cycle
  7. A fresh set of cycling gear just in case you are drenched and don’t fancy spending another few hours in wet gear
  8. Food! Throw in a few bits and pieces, these are necessary! (calorie rich and your ‘fuel’ for the mountain AND second cycle….and also a few nice to haves, bottle of coke, bag of crisps, chocolate etc, in case you need them)
  9. Fresh gloves for mountain and for bike
  10. Chamois cream or similar…there may be chaffing at that point!!
  11. A basic medical kit, which with any luck you won’t need (Compeed, plasters, Nurofen type stuff that could be a blessing). Better to have too much than too little, no harm done if you don’t need any of it
  12. A spare bike tube or 2. If you get a puncture on the stage 1 cycle then you don’t want to start stage 3 without a spare tube or gas cannister.


All participants must bring a jacket & hat / buff and water up the mountain with them.

Please be aware that the conditions on the day could lead to a shortening of the route.

There is an extremely tough 113K cycle ahead of you when you leave this transition with no water or food stops on this route until you get to T2. Please ensure you have enough food and water to sustain 4-5 hours on the bike.

Transition 2 (T2):  Waterville GAA Pitch

Type:Bike to kayak and kayak to run

Suggested contents of box;

  1. footwear to use in kayak (an old pair of runners, don’t use wellies or waders…if you fall in they will fill with water and head south 😕)
  2. A hat or buff…it could get cold and wet on the lake
  3. Gloves for the kayak…optional…if it’s cold/wet your hand will be frozen…a 4€ pair of thermal builder’s gloves from Woodies are a super job
  4. Waterproof trousers – optional, if you don’t want to get wet, but could be very warm depending on the day
  5. Water – you’ll be in the kayak for over an hour. Pack a hydration vest or a 500ml bottle of water. Get creative, make a lanyard or something to hang it around your neck
  6. Rain or light jacket – you’ll be warm after the bike and you’ll freeze when you stop. You mightn’t want it but better to have it there than be wishing for one
  7. Food, get something in to you before and after kayak and pack some indulgent stuff crisps, coke, chocolate, jellies, as well as maybe a sandwich or bagel or something. Remember you will need 200-300cals an hour every hour
  8. A fresh water/mix bottle for the last bike bit – or just refill there
  9. Trail runners for the 35k run that lies ahead – the good comfortable ones! Unless you have just used the 1 pair all day and no cycling shoes
  10. Fresh dry running gear – shorts/top/socks/jacket/hat/gloves, pack them all and make the call on the day when you get there, who knows how weather changes
  11. Water/drink mix to bring on the run
  12. Head torch and spare batteries
  13. Food, sandwich, pot noodle, bottle of fizzy drink, bagel, you don’t have to eat it but better that it’s there, enough food for 3-7 hours of a tough trail run
  14. We provide the kayak, buoyance aid and paddle.


The transition is 600m from the kayak launch area. Please ensure you have footwear to run down to the kayak launch area. It is a tarmac / gravel road.

Don’t underestimate how cold you can get on the kayak no matter how good the weather is. You will get wet in the kayak.

Please note it is advisable to go back the transition area after the kayak and not go directly onto the run from the kayak.

We will bring your bike from here back to Sneem Hotel.

Transition 3 (T3): Derrynane community Centre

Type: Mid-run transition

Suggested content of box;

  1. Fresh dry running gear – shorts/top/socks/jacket/hat/gloves, pack them all and make the call on the day when you get there, who knows how weather changes
  2. Water/drink mix to bring on the run
  3. Spare batteries – hopefully you won’t have gone through 2 sets already
  4. Food, sandwich, pot noodle, bottle of fizzy drink, bagel, you don’t have to eat it but better that it’s there
  5. Basic medical supply (Compeed, plasters, Nurofen etc)
  6. Vaseline/baby powder or similar…there will be chaffing and tenderness at this point!!


  • Food, food and food – we can’t stress enough how important food is on this event. You will be 12-16 hours into the event. The last leg is going to be difficult, make sure you refuel in the transition and have food to bring with you on the last leg of the run.
  • There is no water refill along the last run leg.

The facilities in each transition are the following:

  • Hot and cold water
  • Tables and chairs for changing and eating
  • Male and Female changing areas
  • Bike racking
  • Toilets
  • Water refill
  • Fizzy drink
  • Flap jacks & jellies
  • Tea and Coffee
  • T2 & T3 will have a kettle and microwave.

This event is a significant undertaking and you need to be well-prepared for it. Bring more than what you need rather than risking it and really missing something on the day.