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If you’re not familiar with Gym+Coffee, this Irish outdoor athleisurewear brand has been making waves recently and we’re delighted to have them on board with us for Quest Glendalough. The team at Gym+Coffee have a mantra that’s close to our heart: as part of their journey to ‘Make Life Richer’, they get up everyday and ask themselves ‘What are you doing today? What wonderful thing are you going to do or be or see in order to squeeze just a little bit more out of the day?’ We love that!

Check out their excellent, cosy, warm hoodies and stretchy leggings. We are proud of our adventure racing community and the guys at Gym+Coffee are exactly  that as well: a community – with all welcome to join.An appreciation for coffee is not essential but helps!

Quest fans are being given a lovely treat to mark our partnership with 10% off everything at Gym+Coffee online and in store. Simply use code QUEST10 when purchasing and check out their brand new Spring-Summer range, just launched last week!

The team will have a pop-up shop at the finish line in Quest Glendalough on the 6th of April and they’re opening a brand  new pop-up shop in Mahon Point,Cork from 13th April!

Check out their online store at