It’s easy to fall out of our fitness routine over the Christmas holidays with parties, family commitments and travel. With a little planning you can maintain some level of fitness and enjoy the holidays.

  1. Plan your training.
    Schedule your training around the functions you must attend over the Christmas period. Get up early to do your training before all the social and family commitments start.
  2. Training Buddy
    Rope in a friend to train with you over the holidays. You are less likely to back out of training if you have a friend waiting for you.
  3. Make it Festive
    Every town in the country has a Santa fun run, hill walk or cycle taking place over Christmas. Get the whole family involved.
  4. Think outside the box
    Plan to meet friends for a walk/run/cycle rather than coffee and cake.
  5. Be Realistic
    It is almost impossible to stick to your normal fitness routine when on holidays. Shorten some of your workouts if you have to. A shorter workout is better than no workout and it will help you to stay on track.
  6. Think of the benefits
    Doing some exercise when on holiday can help to avoid putting on extra weight, reduce stress and give you a head start in the New Year.
  7. Keep Hydrated
    Drinking lots of beer, wine and soft drinks can make you feel bloated and dehydrated. Drinking water will keep you hydrated and help you burn fat more efficiently.
  8. Sleep
    Catch up on sleep over the festive seasons and start the New Year full of energy.
  9. Keep Moving
    Avoid sitting around for prolonged periods of time, watching TV. This can make you feel tired and the temptation of snacking is too great. Try to do 30mins exercise a day.
  10. Find a workout you can do at home
    You may not have time to get to the gym over the holidays, so why not bring the gym to you? Find workouts you are able to complete from home such a fitness DVD, YouTube videos or your own fitness routine.
  11. Make it a family Event
    Plan an event that all the family can do such as a 5k run or a hike. Not only will you get healthy exercise but also spend quality time with your family.
  12. Indulge for a day, not a season.
    One day of over indulge won’t make or break your health plan. Unfortunately most of us start the bad habit of having daily treats and skipping exercise from early December right through to the New year