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If you have not done an adventure race before it can be daunting to take on a completely new challenge. Follow our tips below and you will be well-prepared for your first Quest Adventure Race in 2020.

Pick a race
By registering for a Quest adventure race, it sets a target date to train towards and allows you to become focused on training. We have 6 adventure races this year including our newest event Quest Sligo which takes place on 22nd August 2020.

Pick a training plan that suits you
Give yourself plenty of time to train for your first adventure race. We have 8-week training plans that could suit if you choose Quest Glendalough or 12 weeks plans for the further away events such as Quest Wales..

Practice trail running
Undertake trail running as part of your training plan. This prepares your body for running on uneven terrain on race day, uphill as well as down.

Cycle stage
Include some hills into your cycle training plan as this will help a lot on the day. Be comfortable with your bike and know how to fix a flat tyre.

Rest and listen to your body
Rest is just as important as a running session. Your body needs time to recover and repair. If you feel burnt-out, low in energy or unmotivated take a rest day. Listen to your body for aches and pains as you train and speak to your doctor or physiotherapist if the pain continues for longer than a week.

Fueling your body for an adventure race requires thinking ahead. Not only on race day, but throughout your training program. Different foods work for different people. Try and test different foods and see what works best for you. For the shorter distance routes you may not need much more than some fluids and a gel or bar – just make sure to know what suits you in advance.

Keep hydrated
Hydration is important regardless of the weather. You should consume fluid before, during and after training. For shorter training sessions than 45 mins water is fine. For longer runs consuming sports drinks such as Lucozade Sport will fuel your muscles and avoid cramps.

Research the race
Know what’s involved in the race and review route maps. Ensure you know where and when to register, your wave time and start location. The rest is all the fun bit!

There will be 6 Quest events in 2020 including Quest Wales which takes place on Saturday 20th June. Find out about all our events here