It is critical to take sufficient time to recover after a race to avoid injury. It varies from person to person how much recovery time or rest days one needs. Seasoned adventure racers can usually bounce back after a day or two.

A rest day doesn’t necessarily mean no exercise but less intensive exercise like swimming, walking or a cross trainer which can aid recovery.

Here is advice to follow in the day after an event:

Foam rolling is your friend – even though it may be extremely painful foam rolling can release tight muscles and help recovery.

Hydrate – keep drinking water throughout the week to help replace what you lost on the event.

Ice baths – jump into an ice bath or the ocean. This can decrease inflamed muscles or pains in the body.

Stretch it out – do your normal stretching routine to help relive tight muscles.

Yoga – yoga can aid in recovery and lessen injury by gaining strength and flexibility.

Address injury – if you have an injury you should remember the golden rule acronym RICE;

  • Rest – the damaged area.
  • Ice – 5 to 10 mins regularly.
  • Compress – reduce swelling.
  • Elevate – to prevent the accumulation of fluid.

Consult a physiotherapist or doctor if the injury persists, you need to be recovered before you intensify training again.