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Warming up for your first Quest 12? Ryan Mulroy who has completed our Quest 1224 event gives us the low-down on his top tips for Quest 12 Beara. Thanks Ryan!


Be smart about your transition boxes. Load them up with the right food and enough liquids to get you through each stage of the event. For the Quest 1224 kayaking section, I had a food bag ready with stuff to eat while on the water – it was handy to try fuel up and pump the food into me to be ready for the final 2 stages of the day. I only thought of this the night before the event, but it helped on the day. Also, try to have some bit of organization in the transition boxes if possible.  You can save a lot of time by just grabbing the one “pre-made” food bag, instead of having to route through the box and decide “Hmmm, what would I like to bring with me today?”


I would highly recommend to try to stay in the one set of gear through the whole event. Obviously, the weather will have a big effect on this, but the time you can save by NOT getting changed at transition is massive!  I made the mistake before, and have learnt my lesson. You’d be surprised how long it can take to change a pair of shorts having completed the first 3 stages of the event…. For me, I try to stay kitted out in the one set of clothing (the smell will only keep the flies away!)


BRICK SESSIONS – you can never do enough brick sessions. Might be a bit late to pass on this bit of info but I would highly recommend getting to do the route before the event. And be sure to do the actual route. Bring the bike with you, get a cycle in before the run, load the bike back into the car and give the run a good lash and see how it goes after a decent bike spin.


Pump the food into you on the bike. Most people already know this but it’s always handy as a reminder. The last thing we want to happen is to get off the bike hungry – not ideal trying to eat while on the run…

Finally—- ENJOY IT!!!

Any time I get the opportunity to chat about it, or tell a story about the day, I will go for it. Example…. I got attacked by a goat…not once, but twice… and didn’t I get caught by other athletes as I tried to fend myself off from the wild beast. They have their own versions of the story, but mine is that I got attacked….

All in all, it will be a day you will not shut up about for a long time.

Quest 12 Beara takes place on Saturday 28th of August and is sold-out.