Save some time on the trails and follow our trail running tips:

The most important gear for trail running is footwear. Get a pair of trail shoes that give support, grip, flexible and light weight. In Ireland it’s not uncommon to get the four seasons in on day. You must bring a light waterproof jacket, emergency blanket (it looks like a sheet of tin foil) as part of your mandatory kit. Carry some food like energy bars, gels and drinks.

Pace yourself
Adventure races can be a great challenge and often it’s more about endurance than speed. Starting the race at a slower pace allows your body find a rhythm to avoid getting tired too early in the race.

Running up hills
Shorten your stride and pump your arms. When you move your arms faster your legs try to keep up. Lead your body slightly forward as if you were falling up the hill. Stay light on your feet, be ready to hop, skip or jump if need be to avoid rocks, blog holes and uneven surfaces.

Learn to run downhill
Shorten stride and step. A shorter downhill stride allows you to stay much more balanced and control of the body. Don’t try to hold yourself back or break your fall. Practice downhill running during training.