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This is a question we get asked a lot by people new to adventure racing. And it’s a good one. Here’s the lowdown:

Do I need a new bike?
No. If it’s your first adventure race just get out there and do it on whatever bike you have or you can borrow. You can rent one with one of our local bike rental providers if you don’t have access to a bike. You’ll find the information on the relevant event page information on our website.

What bike should I use – ideally?
The bike type you use is a personal choice but we recommend using a road bike. The top elite competitors will be using a road bike with Gatorskin tyres or other reinforced tyres. These tyres have a thicker instep which reduces the risk of punctures. Other competitors will use hybrid bikes with reinforced tyres. We do not allow Tri bars in Quest events for safety reasons. Some people use mountain bikes but as our cycle sections are mostly on sealed tarmac their benefit is limited.

One thing to note with Gatorskin tyres or reinforced tyres is that they can be difficult to change when you do get a puncture. Make sure you have two strong tyre leavers with you in case you need them.

What type of pedals should I use?
We recommend using trail runners in toe clips, cages, strap type pedals or flat pedals.

If you use cycle shoes with cleats you will need to bring your trail runners with you on the bike stage in your backpack. If you just use trail runners you will be quicker in the transition areas rather than having to clip in and out between stages. This can negate the time you make up by actually using them. Some events can have up to 5 changes of shoes so you need to consider this in your race strategy – if you have one!

What is the road surface like?
The majority of the cycle surface is a sealed tarmac road, however, on some routes, there can be loose gravel and potholes. Care and attention must be given when cycling at all times as there will be steep sections and dangerous junctions. If you are instructed to dismount for safety reasons at any point please adhere to this – it’s to protect you, other participants and road users. Remember on rural roads conditions can vary; there may be grass in the centre of the road to avoid and you may even encounter animals, so please be alert!

Will the roads on the routes be closed to other vehicles?
Generally speaking we do not close the roads our routes are on very often and every event is different so make sure to check your map and briefing which you will receive in your race pack. Competitors must obey rules of the road. Other road users will be made aware of the event and will be asked to drive with extra caution. Please take notice of signs and our marshals with red flags and whistles.

The cycle is a great part of any event so remember to look around and enjoy it too!

Quest Killarney takes place on Saturday 12th October and is 80% sold out. Register soon to secure your preferred route and wave.