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By now, you’ve been happily training through our balmy September days, hopefully getting out on the hills by foot or under pedal. You might have even done a few races along the way, or got a bit of kayak training. However if not, don’t panic – “control the controllable.” You can’t change what’s passed – you can’t get back lost training days over the next week. All you can do is control the next 7 days.

  1. Get lots of sleep – you need at least 7-8 hours per night for your body and mind to be properly rested. Put laptops/phones away an hour before sleeping.

  2. Scale down training intensity – keep running and cycling so your body burns energy, but reduce the intensity of the training – it shouldn’t be flat out or stressful. Shorter speed workouts are fine to keep the legs firing.

  3. Eat well & hydrate – 3 solid meals are important, but eat plenty of nuts, fruit, fish, red meat, eggs. Avoid sugar hits such as fizzy drinks, chocolate, cakes or too much carbs. A balance of protein and fats is also important. Always have a water bottle with you and keep sipping!

  4. Pack early – print the mandatory kit list, make your own gear list, bring spares and your bike toolkit. Check the weather so you’re prepared for hot, wet or cold.

  5. Get inspired – watch your favorite sports movie; listen to your most played playlist or check out the great 25min recording of last year’s race so you know what to expect!


By David Power