We get asked this question a lot, is there a difference between our two Killarney-based Quest events – March and October?

In a nut shell, both routes are very different and cover various sections of Killarney National Park and the Black Valley. Each route on each event is unique with its own level of challenge.

It’s all personal preference. Some people like the cycle route in October through the Black Valley, some people like the fact they don’t have to go up Cardiac steps in March, some people like Mangerton and Torc trails in October – horses for courses!!

Quest Killarney October is one of the biggest adventure races in the world and where it all started for us as it was our original adventure race. March has grown with us in its own right and although there are three routes as opposed to five in October, it is an equally challenging and thoroughly enjoyable, rewarding event.


The main differences, common to all routes, are as follows;
• The lake used for Kayaking in October is Muckross Lake, in March it’s the Upper Lake
• The expert route in March runs through the Black Valley, in October the experts go up the delightful Mangerton Mountain!
• The cycles are on different routes
• The ‘Cardiac’ steps are not part of the March routes. In October ‘Cardiac’ is many participants’ highlight of the ‘Mini’ route!

Route Maps:
Quest Killarney October

Quest Killarney March

Here is the breakdown of the Quest Killarney October routes which have been updated for 2017;