Sometimes we get asked how our events compare with each other and what the difference is in the routes on our events? Here’s some info to help answer that.

Quest Adventure Series is the overarching name for 5 different Quest events which take place each year. There are five comparable events in Ireland and the UK – Quest Kenmare, Glendalough, Wales, Lough Derg & Killarney.

These five Quest events are roughly the same in structure – they have 3 routes ranging in distance which you will run, cycle and kayak around. These can be broken down as follows;

20-25km ‘Challenge’ route

40-50km ‘Sport’ route and

55-85km ‘Expert’ route

The only difference is Quest Killarney which has two more routes the ‘Pro’ at 73km (Expert is 83km) and the ‘Dual’ route which is 65km but doesn’t include kayaking.

We also run a long-distance adventure race Quest 12/24 that takes place in West Kerry. This is 147km and 248km respectively but also entail, running, cycling and kayaking.

 Quest Kenmare – 2nd March 2019 – SOLD OUT

Quest Kenmare joined the series in 2018 and for the second year in a row has sold out very quickly. It kick-starts the adventure racing season. The Sport and Expert routes are particularly challenging on this event and many report being really pleasantly surprised by the scenery in parts of Kerry they had never visited before. Kenmare is a great spot for a night away.

Quest Glendalough – 6th April 2019

Quest Glendalough gives participants the unique opportunity to be the only people allowed to kayak in the Upper Lake – and to finish the event in the shadow of the monastic tower – just spectacular. Glendalough has an excellent atmosphere, selling out the last three years and with weather splitting the stones it’s also a very popular event. It was also named best ‘Outdoor/Adventure Event’ this year by Outsider Magazine last year, which we are very proud of!

Quest Wales – 8th June 2019

Quest Wales takes place in June this year a move from early May in the past. It starts and finishes in the charming boutique Northern Wales town of Betws-y-Coed where you could lose days. The event takes you around Snowdonia National Park, a mind-blowingly beautiful location visited by 1000s of outdoor enthusiasts every year. The first UK event in the series is a unique challenge and has mountains, waterfalls and lakes to die for. Getting bigger and better ever year, 2019 promises to be a good one!

Quest Lough Derg – 14th September 2019

Quest Lough Derg is a brand-new event for 2019. Quest Achill used to take place around this time but it’s taken some time off to allow us to showcase some new locations. Lough Derg is only a couple of hours from everywhere in Ireland and is proving a popular location already. It’s a great time of year to do a road trip with your mates to top of the summer. It’s also got one of the shorter Challenge routes at 22km, a great one for a first time ‘Challenge’.

Quest Killarney – 12th October 2019

Each of our event locations have their own individual selling points. Killarney is the ‘home’ to adventure racing and draws the largest numbers each year – some also say it’s the most challenging and it holds a special place in the hearts of many adventure racers. The unique challenges presented by the likes of Strickeen, Mangerton and the Gap of Dunloe is hard to beat.

Sometimes it’s difficult to make a choice with so many options, so we say try them all! They all have something different to offer but have amazing scenery in common – oh and great people of course! Collect all the medals! You’ll never regret it.

Quest’s 2019 events are on sale now. Quest Kenmare is sold-out.