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What is it?
Quest Wales is the original and best multi-disciplined adventure race in the UK. Comprising trail running, cycling and kayaking, Quest Wales takes place in the heart of the stunning Snowdonia National Park in North Wales. Available to people of all fitness levels and abilities, participants have the choice of three scenic routes; 23km Challenge, 38km Sport or 50km Expert.

When is it?
Saturday 20th June 2020.

How much is it and where do I book?
You can sign up at
Prices start at £68.00 per person.
If you’re the organiser in your friend group, share your referral link after registration and you can receive £10.00 back from one or more referrals.

Do I need to train for it?
You will, just a bit! Quest has put together several training plans drawing upon the expertise of adventure race experts to help you prepare, regardless of what distance you’re planning to do. These range from 8-week to 12-week plans and can be downloaded here.

What can I expect?

  1. You get to kayak and it’s fun
    The kayak element of each race is relatively short and proves to be the most popular discipline with many participants. We provide the kayak and you simply jump aboard and enjoy the cruise!
  1. A unique opportunity to challenge yourself in stunning Snowdonia
    The outdoor adventure capital of Wales, Snowdonia provides a picturesque setting to challenge your physical goals while embracing one of the UK’s most beautiful locations.
  1. Different distances to suit all levels of ability
    Whatever your fitness level, there’s a distance for everyone. Quest Wales offers 23km Challenge, 38km Sport and 50km Expert routes; if you’ve done a 10k before, you can do this!
  1. Experience a real community and camaraderie feel among participants
    Quest Wales is simply about having fun and enjoying the unique camaraderie of the day. Whether you’re graduating through the route lengths, beating your PB, or just spending time with your friends, everyone is united on race day.

At the finish line, you’ll find family, friends, food, drink, Japanese hot tubs, customised t-shirts and much more as well as plenty of other Quest participants ready to celebrate their great personal achievement. As for how you’ll feel when you cross the line, well, that’s difficult to explain, but let’s just say it’s euphoric and not to be missed!

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What’s needed for your level of adventure racing

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