World of Quest

Quest Adventure races are one day, multi-sport events. The disciplines covered are running, cycling and kayaking.

Quest Discovery Series

Quest Discovery Series gives you a flavour for what Quest is all about. Anne Marie and Laura will guide you through what a Quest adventure race consists of, what you need to do to take part in one, how to prepare and what to expect on the big day.

To be a racer

The human body is a machine, developed over millions of years of evolution. It’ll surprise you what it’s capable of. You want to test the limits of your body. You want to make it tired, make it mud-splattered, make it feel like you’re using it the way it was supposed to be used.
You want a challenge, you’ll find it here >>

What we do

Our promise to you is that we’ll bring you on a journey. We’ll find the most epic environments in the world, and create the most demanding, scenic race routes across them. We’ll take you to the edges of your physical ability. We’ll take you on an adventure. Commit to it here >>


You might think you haven’t really done something like this before. Unless you’ve done a Quest race, you haven’t. The first step on the path to achievement is here. Take it >>